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The credit system is broken. Everyone should have a fair chance at accessing credit, and live in a world where creditors actually care about the financial well-being of customers.
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Your credit health comes first

We actually care what happens with your credit. Get incentives for good credit management, not encouragement to spend more money in pursuit of points.

Effortlessly build credit, without the pitfalls

We use automation to protect you from using credit you can’t afford, while increasing your score at the same time.

You're more than your credit score

We analyze your cash flow, not your credit score.

Seriously, we don’t.

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Better benefits,  no extra plastic

Grain syncs to your debit card, analyzes your cash flow, provides an amount of credit you can afford, and automates its management. Building your credit along the way.

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Credit directly into your account

We deposit cash advances into your debit account.

Your credit limit automatically increases with good credit management.

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We help you avoid overdraft fees.

Never be late with optional auto-repayment.

Recieve personalized credit building suggestions.

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With auto-repayment enabled, you pay the lowest-in-market rates.

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